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With a little help from my friends



scenes to go

Please help me to proofread my newest thriller novel  »escape«.

The story revolves around the young female hacker Peewee Russell
 and the question:

Who kills the best hackers in Silicon Valley?
For Peewee begins a race against time,
because her name is on the list of the cold blooded killer ...

You find a mashup book trailer here



 All I ask you to do is proof read one scene of the novel. That's right. Just one scene.

»escape« has 189 scenes. Each scene has a length between one and four pages.
If I am able to get 189 people to proof read a scene,
I hope to publish the english version of escape in spring 2014.

Just send me an email via the form below and choose the length of the scene.
I will send you a scene with the chosen length to you to, well then, proof read it. 

When you are done, copy and paste your proof read scene into the scene field below. 
That's it. 

Send me an email, I send you a scene

please choose the length of the scene

Paste in a proofread scene, get a free eBook

I want a free ePub version of part one of the book (There are four parts in total)